The Military Family LifeStyle Charitable Foundation (MFLCF) and The Patriot Charities (PC) were initially approved as 501(c)3 charitable organizations in 2006 and 2005 respectively.  Over the last ten years, these two charities have been instrumental in supporting service-disabled veterans and their families first in the Carolinas, and then expanding to other locations in the United States.

In January 2016, these two charities merged to form the Patriot Military Family Foundation (PMFF).  The Board of Directors of MFLCF, all veterans, remained as the PMFF directors.  Members of the PC Board of Directors became members of the Board of Trustees, an advisory board.  This merger is an exceptional joining of two organizations with similar missions and a set of programs that fit well together.

PMFF is now a much stronger and more capable charity than either of the former charities were on their own.  The partnerships formed by MFLCF and the partnerships formed by PC are now working together as one, with the ability to be even more successful in treating veterans and supporting their families.  We retain the strong emphasis by the leadership to keep costs low and spend as much as possible on our mission.  Together, we look forward to continuing to expand our footprint to serve an even greater number of our veterans and their families.